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Can you name the original performers from the Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas?

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Major RoleOriginal PerformerOperetta
The PlaintiffTrial by Jury
The DefendantTrial by Jury
The Learned JudgeTrial by Jury
Counsel for the PlaintiffTrial by Jury
The UsherTrial by Jury
John Wellington WellsThe Sorcerer
AlineThe Sorcerer
AlexisThe Sorcerer
Sir Marmaduke PointdextreThe Sorcerer
Lady SangazureThe Sorcerer
ConstanceThe Sorcerer
Mrs. PartlettThe Sorcerer
Dr. DalyThe Sorcerer
The NotaryThe Sorcerer
Sir Joseph PorterH.M.S. Pinafore
Captain CorcoranH.M.S. Pinafore
Ralph RackstrawH.M.S. Pinafore
Dick DeadyeH.M.S. Pinafore
JosephineH.M.S. Pinafore
HebeH.M.S. Pinafore
Little ButtercupH.M.S. Pinafore
Major-General StanleyThe Pirates of Penzance
The Pirate KingThe Pirates of Penzance
FredericThe Pirates of Penzance
SamuelThe Pirates of Penzance
Sergeant of PoliceThe Pirates of Penzance
MabelThe Pirates of Penzance
EdithThe Pirates of Penzance
KateThe Pirates of Penzance
Major RoleOriginal PerformerOperetta
RuthThe Pirates of Penzance
Colonel CalverleyPatience
Major MurgatroydPatience
Lieut. the Duke of DunstablePatience
Reginald BurnthornePatience
Archibald GrosvenorPatience
The Lady AngelaPatience
The Lady SaphirPatience
The Lady EllaPatience
The Lady JanePatience
The Lord ChancellorIolanthe
Earl of MountararatIolanthe
Earl of TollollerIolanthe
Private WillisIolanthe
Queen of the FairiesIolanthe
King HildebrandPrincess Ida
HilarionPrincess Ida
CyrilPrincess Ida
FlorianPrincess Ida
King GamaPrincess Ida
AracPrincess Ida
GuronPrincess Ida
ScynthiusPrincess Ida
Major RoleOriginal PerformerOperetta
Princess IdaPrincess Ida
Lady BlanchePrincess Ida
Lady PsychePrincess Ida
MelissaPrincess Ida
The Mikado of JapanThe Mikado
Nanki-PooThe Mikado
Ko-KoThe Mikado
Pooh-BahThe Mikado
Pish-TushThe Mikado
Yum-YumThe Mikado
Pitti-SingThe Mikado
Peeb-BoThe Mikado
KatishaThe Mikado
Robin OakappleRuddigore
Richard DauntlessRuddigore
Sir Despard MurgatroydRuddigore
Mad MargaretRuddigore
Rose MaybudRuddigore
Mad MargaretRuddigore
Dame HannahRuddigore
Sir Roderic MurgatroydRuddigore
Sir Richard CholmondeleyThe Yeomen of the Guard
Colonel FairfaxThe Yeomen of the Guard
Sergeant MeryllThe Yeomen of the Guard
Leonard MeryllThe Yeomen of the Guard
Jack PointThe Yeomen of the Guard
Wilfred ShadboltThe Yeomen of the Guard
Major RoleOriginal PerformerOperetta
The HeadsmanThe Yeomen of the Guard
First YeomanThe Yeomen of the Guard
Second YeomanThe Yeomen of the Guard
Elsie MaynardThe Yeomen of the Guard
Phoebe MeryllThe Yeomen of the Guard
Dame CarruthersThe Yeomen of the Guard
KateThe Yeomen of the Guard
The Duke of PlazatoroThe Gondoliers
LuizThe Gondoliers
Don Alhambra de BoleroThe Gondoliers
Marco PalmieriThe Gondoliers
Giuseppi PalmieriThe Gondoliers
AntonioThe Gondoliers
FrancescoThe Gondoliers
GiorgioThe Gondoliers
AnnibaleThe Gondoliers
The Duchess of PlazatoroThe Gondoliers
CasildaThe Gondoliers
GianettaThe Gondoliers
TessaThe Gondoliers
FiamettaThe Gondoliers
VittoriaThe Gondoliers
GiuliaThe Gondoliers
InezThe Gondoliers
King Paramount the FirstUtopia, Limited
ScaphioUtopia, Limited
PhantisUtopia, Limited
TararaUtopia, Limited
Lord DramaleighUtopia, Limited
Major RoleOriginal PerformerOperetta
Captain FitzbattleaxeUtopia, Limited
Captain Sir Edward CorcoranUtopia, Limited
Mr. GoldburyUtopia, Limited
Sir Bailey BarreUtopia, Limited
Mr. BlushingtonUtopia, Limited
The Princess ZaraUtopia, Limited
The Princess NekayaUtopia, Limited
The Princess KalybaUtopia, Limited
The Lady SophyUtopia, Limited
RudolphThe Grand Duke
Ernest DummkopfThe Grand Duke
LudwigThe Grand Duke
Dr. TannhuserThe Grand Duke
The Prince of Monte CarloThe Grand Duke
Viscount MentoneThe Grand Duke
Ben HashbazThe Grand Duke
HeraldThe Grand Duke
The Princess of Monte CarloThe Grand Duke
The Baroness Von KrakenfeldtThe Grand Duke
Julia JellicoeThe Grand Duke
LisaThe Grand Duke
OlgaThe Grand Duke
GretchenThe Grand Duke
BerthaThe Grand Duke
ElsaThe Grand Duke
MarthaThe Grand Duke

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