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Which family rules Winterfell?
What is Lord Eddard Stark's nickname?
Which character is known as The Imp?
Who is Lord Eddard Stark's Ward?
What animal is on the sigil of House Stark?
Which of Lord Stark's children is a bastard?
Where is A Game of Thrones set?
Which of Lord Stark's children owns the direwolf 'Summer'?
What is the name of Lord Stark's Greatsword?
What is Daenerys' pet name for Khal Drogo?
Joining the Night's Watch is also known as...
By what disparaging nickname is Petyr Baelish better known?
Who plays Robert Baratheon in the Game of Thrones TV series?
What is the penalty for deserting the Night's Watch?
Who is Robert Baratheon's squire?
What is the name of Arya Stark's sword?
Which legendary knight was known as 'The Sword of the Morning?'
Which Knight is known as 'The Mountain that Rides?'
Where are maesters trained?
Complete the motto 'A Lannister always pays his...'
By what name Ser Ilyn Payne better known?
What does Syrio Forel advise Arya to say to the god of death?
What are Maesters also known as?
Where was Lord Eddard Stark executed?
Ser Jeor Mormont is also known as...
What colour are a wight's eyes?
What is the name of Samwell Tarly's little brother?
'The Cart King' is a disparaging nickname for which character?
What are the official words of House Lannister?
Who unseated Ser Gregor Clegane during the Hand's Tourney?
Which character was labelled 'A pretty little talking bird' by Sandor Clegane?
Who did Bronn kill when fighting for Tyrion during his trial by combat?
Complete the quote 'All dwarfs are...'
Which poison was used to dispatch Jon Arryn?
To which tribe does Shagga, Son of Dorf belong?
When Syrio was being tested by the Sealord of Braavos, what kind of cat was the Sealord holding?
Which character commanded Lady Catelyn's guard during the battle of Whispering Wood?
What is Hoster Tully's nickname for Walder Frey?
Who first proclaimed Robb Stark as 'King of the North'?
How old was Lord Eddard Stark when he was taken in to be fostered by Jon Arryn?
Who, according to Sandor Clegane, 'Ran, but not very fast'?
Who is Tyrion Lannister's squire?
Which animal features on Littlefinger's sigil?
In the TV series, which actress plays Lysa Arryn?
Which Stark was known as 'The King who Knelt'?
Who owned the sword 'Lion's Tooth'?
Whose house words are 'Here We Stand'?
Complete the quote 'War is easier than...?'
Which member of the Lannister family was briefly engaged to Tysha?
Who takes Arya away from King's Landng following Lord Eddard's execution?

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