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Can you name the Frankenstein Vocabulary Quiz 1 (pg.9-24)?

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definition Vocabulary word
to indicate; show plainly
life; liveliness
to cross
a gift of nature; an inherent ability
a command
bold or dangerous undertaking or project
electric current to cause movement in dead muscles
to make accustomed to
to attack; assault
uprightness, honesty, and sincerity
passionately; eagerly
to indicate
trivial; of little value or importance
a person's face
to select or collect
hard to please, oversensitive
bright; shining
to subdue; put an end to
sad and depressed; gloomy
sharply painful; emotionally touching; evoking pity
to become abnormally thin, as by starvation
to give up; stop resisting
recklessly; hastily
definition Vocabulary word
bold or dangerous undertaking or project
rise and fall
carefully read; to examine
to satisfy or gratify completely
able to contain or hold much
cautiousness; discretion
not united
excessive care or concern
disrespectful; insolent
show plainly
soothing; placating
sudden convulsion or outburst
deviation from what is ordinary or customary; oddity
allurement; temptation
too great or valuable to be measured
petitioner; persone who makes requests
anything that appears unexpectedly or in an extraordinary way
disrespectful; insolent
having to do with perceptions or knowledge that are not based on conscious reasoning
cause to be or become; make
improve; make better
illuminate; light up; make bright

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