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Endermens noises were made by doing what?
The ghast cannot destroy which block?
Wither skeletons are immune to lava, fire and what else?
Which mod scares creepers?
What destroys cobwebs?
What is the name of the company who made minecraft?
A zombie will drop what if killed by a charged creeper?
Zombies and skeletons will not burn when standing on what?
When creating the creeper, what was the creator trying to make beforehand?
Which other mob apart from wolves can become hostile during peaceful mode?
Wolves will NOT attack which mob?
If you are killed in game, how long do you have before your items dissapear?
Who recently spent 2.5 billion on buying Minecraft?
There are 2 horse types that don't spawn in game. The zombie and what?
Placing what under sand or gravel will stop it from falling?
Which mob doesn't take fall damage?
Drinking what will stop the affects of a potion?
Which is the most common ore?
Pistons cannot move which other block?
When pausing the game, which mob will still move?
How many slime balls are needed to create a slime block?
Despite their lack of arms, creepers can still climb what?
One in 10,000 times, minecraft with switch the letters around on the titlescreen to create which other word?
Which animal actually makes the sound of the ghast
Endermen are damaged by what?
Along with the Enderman and Cave spider, which other mobs are neutral unless provoked?
How do you control a saddled pig?

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