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Which Impractical Joker (Q, Sal, Murr, or Joe) had to endure the following punishments during Season 2?

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PunishmentImpractical Joker
Dug through elephant poop looking for his car keys
Gave an art exhibit of his sculptures, which included a 'muscular, glistening black man'
* Did not receive enough high fives from strangers and had to strip completely naked
* Received enough high fives from strangers and got to keep his underwear on
Had to teach sex education to his parents
Sat in a coffee shop watching an adult movie with the speakers turned way up
Stood in the stocks and let people put things like fish and mayo all over his face
Had to stay on stage giving psychic readings until he guessed something right
Was hooked up to a lie detector test in front of a crowd at his old high school
Played dodgeball against a team of professional players while wearing an eye patch and an oven mitt
Gave a seminar as a love expert and had to answer yes to every question asked
Introduced his new clothing line with a fashion show that included children dressed in burlap
Stood in a cage full of cats while giving a presentation on how to bond with cats
Sent off to sea while searching for his cell phone on a trash barge
Dressed as a human piñata and hit with a stick until candy fell out
PunishmentImpractical Joker
Gave a presentation on managing stress that included a video of the other three Jokers invading his house
Presented scenes from a short film based on his life to a group of moviegoers
Did a series of poses as a nude model for an art class
* Was the first to jump off a cliff after failing to impress Q with his suggestion for an autobiography title
* Was the second to jump off a cliff after attempting to 'Price is Right' Q's highest bowling score with an answer of 1
* Named Q's best friend and did not have to jump off the cliff after coming closest to Q's highest bowling score
Gave a presentation on the future of science and technology that included a special appearance by his 'clone'
* Lead singer and guitarist for Señora Lanza, the opening act at an Imagine Dragons concert
* Drummer and back-up singer for Señora Lanza, the opening act at an Imagine Dragons concert
Dressed in different costumes (including a bride) along with his dog (the groom) and had to get someone to say he looked cuter
Had to go through a series of tasks, including giving an old woman the middle finger, without apologizing
Performed with his champion break dancing crew at a baseball game
Had to explain everything that popped up on his laptop while giving a presentation on how to optimize your computer
Walked around a park with a video camera, getting various shots including one of a man's left nipple

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