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Which Impractical Joker (Q, Sal, Murr, or Joe) had to endure the following punishments during Season 1?

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PunishmentImpractical Joker
Held Rottweiler poop for 20 seconds
Made up and sang 'Butterfly Crime Scene' at a baseball game
Was a motivational speaker for a major real estate broker
Put a woman's toe in his mouth
Presented an excerpt from his new book, 'Keeping the Faith: My Battle with Chronic Flatulence'
Stole someone's underwear at a laundromat and put it on his head
While sitting on the toilet in a coffee shop bathroom, opened the door to beg for toilet paper
Gave a photography exhibit that included a photo of him stepping on Chinese children
As a substitute college professor, gave a presentation on social networking
Had to guess the last thing people ate by smelling their breath
PunishmentImpractical Joker
Sat in a coffee shop with loud fart noises coming from his laptop
Performed as a belly dancer at a Moroccan lounge
Presented a promotional video for his fake charity to a group of moviegoers
Stood up in a packed movie theater and announced that he had had an accident in his pants
Was shown picking his nose and eating it on a jumbo screen at a baseball game
* Was given a long, flowing mullet
* Was given curly orange hair
* Had part of his head shaved and was given two bleached blonde horns in front
* Had his head shaved except for a small patch of hair in front

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