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HintSinclair Staff Member
Who doesn't like her name but loves the letter H and W?
Who refuses to swim in the ocean for fear of being eaten by sharks?
Who is addicted to Grey's Anatomy?
Who has been to Harry Potter World twice?
Who studied to be a minister?
Who stepped in 3 different countries this (past) summer?
Whose favorite boxer is Canelo Alvarez?
Who loves the game 'SORRY!'?
Who once had 32 hamsters and begged the pet store to take them?
Who is a beginner fisherman?
Who grew up on a farm with 5 horses?
Who is having a baby in April?
Who watches all 8 Harry Potter movies every Halloween?
Who used to be a part of Second City?
Who fell off a cliff the second time they ever went skiing?
HintSinclair Staff Member
Who will only eat ice cream if it is pistachio, strawberry, and pecan?
Who went to Seward and Richards?
Who has lived in 4 different states? (FL, CA, MA, IL)
Who can swim laps for 2 hours?
Who spent a night in jail?
Who speaks Hebrew?
Who likes to go to car shows?
Who has never seen a classic Star Wars movie?
Who went to Ireland for the World Championship of Irish Dance?
Who played trumpet and french horn in high school?
Who can't snap?
Who has 8 children (7 boys and 1 girl)?
Who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Who biked from Boston to Halifax?
Who won a trip to Poland in 8th grade?

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