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Discovered the law of gravity
Enlightement philosophers and thinkers
Founded the heliocentric theory
Reasoning that obseves specific and proves general
Believed men were naturally good
Idea that citizens give up personal freedoms in exchange for a king's protection
The heliocentric theory said that ____ was the center of the universe
Promoted the ideas of freedom of speech and religion
Rousseau promoted this type of government
Reasoning that observes general and proves specific
Idea about government power developed my Montesquieu
Promoted the idea of laissez faire economics
Said that the earth was the center of the universe
Supported equal rights for women
Laissez-faire economics supported no _________ regulation
Invented the telescope and the law of inertia
Book written by Adam Smith promoting his economic ideas
Method of observation and inquiry used in science
Scientist who used deductive reasoning and scientific method to prove ideas
Believed humans were naturally bad
Reasons for the Scientific Revolution (RRE in order with commas in between)
Galileo supported this theory about the center of the universe

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