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Forced Order
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5 man board ruling France after the French Revolution
Popular soldier who became dictator and later emperor of France
This coalition wanted to end the French Revolution and bring back the French monarchy
Enlightenment philosophers hated Napoleon because he was this type of ruler
This made French laws equal and clear
Napoleon sold this to the USA for 15 million dollars
Coalition where Napoleon defeated Austria and Italy
Napoleon defeated this country in the Fourth Coalition
Napoleon defeated this country in 1809
Napoleon's empire was the largest since this group of people
The Continental system restricted trade with _______.
Policy used by Russia to defeat Napoleon
This season helped Russia defeat Napoleon
Napoleon was defeated by the 6th Coalition in this final battle
Created to keep a balance of power and keep peace in Europe
Zone created by Congress of Vienna to prevent France from overtaking Europe
Government Congress of Vienna wanted to restore
Consisted of England, Austria, Prussia, Russia
The Quadruple Alliance were the ________ of Europe
Quadruple Alliance wanted to end the sparks of _________ in Europe

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