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Can you name the Monarchs of Absolutism?

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Question MonarchTidbits
The Most Catholic King
Known as the Sun King
Signed the Peace of Augsburg
Changed his religion from Protestant to Catholic to become king of France
Weak French king who was controlled by Cardinal Richelieu
Ruler of Austria who was allowed to rule by the Pragmatic Sanction
Built the Spanish Armada
Prussian leader who attacked Austria in the War of Austrian Sucession
Stated 'I am the state'
First czar of Russia whose madness caused him to inflict atrocities against his people
Monarch who divided his kingdom between his brother and his son
Question MonarchTidbits
Czarina who overthrew her husband Peter III
Signed the Edict of Nantes
Began the Stuart Line of English kings
Supporters were known as Cavaliers
Reforms and westernization helped him complete his goal of modernizing Russia
Became known as the Merry Monarch
Overthrew James II in the Glorious Revolution
1st reigning English monarch to be publicly tried and executed
Became Lord Protectorate of England after commanding the Roundhead army
Signed the Petition of Right

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