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Whose crew was the first to circumnavigate the world?
Hernado Cortes conquered what group of people?
What economic system states that a nation's power is based on its wealth?
What was the first English settlement in the New World?
What economic system is based on private business ownership and making a profit?
Who was the first European to sail around the tip of Africa to India?
This is a type of company in which many investors invest in a colony and share the profits/losses?
What is the name for the exchange of new goods and products between the Americas and Europe?
What was the leg of the journey between West Africa and the Americas called?
What group of people traded furs with the Native Americans in Canda?
The French and Indian War was fought over this river valley?
What was transported along the Middle Passage?
According to triangular trade, what was transported from the Americas to Europe?
Francisco Pizarro conquered what group of people?
What company was established by the Dutch to control trade in the East Indies?
What were lands controlled by another nation known as?
What caused the death of 90% of Native Americans after they were conquered by Europeans?

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