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Forced Order
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The colonists wanted no taxation without _____ in Parliament.
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Document that created a federal republic for the USA
Philosopher and Statesman that helped draft the Declaration of Independence
Battle that was the turning point of the American Revolution
General who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown
War fought prior to the American Revolution over the Ohio River Valley
This group of people were loyal to the king
Commander in Chief of the Continental
Saratoga convinced this group of people to help us
Wrote the Federalists Papers
Wrote Common Sense
Required colonists to put stamps on every document
Group of people who wanted independence from the British government
Partnered with Thomas Paine to write pamphlets and books sympathetic to the Patriot cause
We lost at ____________
We conquered ____________
First 10 Amendments to the Constitution
Said: Give me liberty or Give me Death
Patriot response to the British Tea Act
Weak government first tried after the American Revolution
Officially ended the American Revolution and made Britain recognize the colonies as separate and independent
Supported neither the Patriots or the Loyalists
His natural rights theory greatly influenced the Revolution
Document that declared the colonies independent from Britain on July 4th, 1776
His theory that all men are created equal is the first line of the above answer

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