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Can you name the key dates of Martin Luther and the Reformation?

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The year Luther was born
The year Luther was caught in a thunderstorm and decided to become a monk
The year Luther was ordained as a priest
What did Luther decide in 1516 after his 'tower experience'?
When was the Ninety-fice Theses produced?
When was the Imperial Diet at Worms?
When was Luther 'kidnapped' by his own supporters and 'imprisoned' for his own protection in Wartburg Castle by Frederick of Saxony?
Which war took place in 1522/23?
Which war took place in 1524/25?
Which German princes converted to Lutheranism between 1525 and 1527?
When was the second Diet of Speyer?
The year Luther published the Large and Small Catechisms
In what year did Luther die?
In what year was the Battle of Muhlberg?
What happened in 1555?

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