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Who ruled China in the 1890s?
When did China become a Republic?
Who set up the Kuomintang?
Why did Sun Yat-sen offer the Presidency to Yuan Shikai?
Who was Yuan Shikai?
When was Sun Yat-sen return from exile?
When was the CCP formed?
Who took control of the KMT when Sun Yat-sen died?
How many were killed when the KMT attacked the CCP in 1927?
When did Japan invade Manchuria?
In what year was the Long March?
When was the Sino-Japanese war?
Who fought as part of the United Front against the Japanes?
Who did better from the war: CCP or KMT?
When was the People's Republic of China formed?
When was the Hundred Flowers Campaign?
When was the Great Leap Forward?
When was the Cultural Revolution?
When did Mao die?
When were the Tiananmen Square protests?

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