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QUIZ: Can you name the Target Words from 1st semester, given the definitions?

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Forced Order
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DefinitionTarget WordWorkshop
to share information1
to leave behind2
to trick3
a good result4
a pattern of change over time1
very bad or serious2
special and one-of-a-kind3
things that you need to do something4
at the present time1
a sequence of events that repeats itself2
a mistake3
the line that divides two countries4
a rule1
the process of getting back to normal2
to react to something that has been said or done3
to need something4
a person who moves from one country to another country1
a unit of measurement2
easily noticed or understood3
to not give someone something they need4
DefinitionTarget WordWorkshop
a part of the whole1
to stop from happening2
to see someone and know who the person is3
to make something better by changing it4
money from a job1
terrible damage2
truly or sincerely3
the way money is made and shared4
to make someone want to do something1
very large or important2
to make something4
to change or effect something1
to pay close attention2
who a person is3
relating to two or more countries4
the least amount1
to make or get larger2
someone who pretends to be someone else3
hard work4

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