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QUIZ: Can you name the key terms from today's lesson on the medieval Church?

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most important building in a medieval villageEvery town had a _____, and it was usually the largest and most important building.
a large, elaborate churchThe _____ of Notre Dame was very beautiful.
another name for a small churchThe _____ priest ran worship services and cared for the people of the community.
sacred rites of the churchParish priests administered the _____, like baptism and communion.
how women were viewed before GodWomen were viewed as _____ to men before God, but on Earth, weak and easily led into sin.
place where monks live and workThe monk decided to join the _____ when he turned 18.
required that monks and nuns take oaths of poverty, chastity, and obedienceBenedict created _____ _____, which were rules monks and nuns had to follow.
nonreligious lawThe United States has a set of _____ laws.
laws of the ChurchThe pope required that people follow both secular and _____ law.
meant that the laws of the Church were equal to, if not more important than, secular lawThe concept of _____ _____ meant that the pope had power over the kings of Europe.
to remove from the Church & take away salvationThe pope could _____ people who did not follow the laws of the Church or spoke heresy.

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