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Can you name the Stephen King novels or short stories by haiku (inspired by olilovesniki)?

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HaikuNovel/Short StoryExtra Info
Young girl with power/her parents needed money/Rainbird lied to her
Captain Trips has hit/the Walkin' Dude is coming/look, the hand of God!
Dark times have arrived/in the kingdom of Delain/Niner shows the truth
Abusive husband/a magic horse in painting/'It's ze bull, ze bull!'
Want to stop smoking?/We guarantee you'll succeed/don't gain too much weight!
A road trip gone wrong/don't go in the China Pit/'Tak! Tak ah lah tak!'
Fake grave and tombstone/He's 'NOT a very nice guy'/watch the sparrows fly
Four miles an hour/make sure you don't walk slower/death will be your prize
HaikuNovel/Short StoryExtra Info
Shipwrecked and alone/heroin eases the pain/ lady fingers
Handcuffed to the bed/in the middle of nowhere/bones in bag of skin
A newspaper boat/made by a sick big brother/we all float down here
The man in black fled/palaver at a campfire/massacre in Tull
Be careful flipping/Sunlight Gardener's school sucks/Queen Laura is healed
Airplane goes through warp/little spiky balls clean up/Toomey is insane
Car regenerates/Arnie develops back pain/Careful on the road!

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