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Can you name the words in this 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
☆ S4 E10 '____' (Emmy-Nominated) ☆
Move fast
☆ S6 E8 'Tabula ____' ☆
Latin term meaning 'in proportion': Pro ____
☆ S1 E5 'Never Kill a Boy on the First ____' ☆
Extremely dislike
Rabbit-like animal
☆ S2 E3 'School ____' ☆
Hospital rooms
A particular type of pottery - 'Delft ____'
☆ S6 E15 'As You ____' ☆
Carpenter's song '____ Only Just Begun'
What a surfer needs to surf
☆ S2 E19 'I Only ____ Eyes for You' ☆
Curved bar on a collar for draught animals
☆ S5 E5 'No Place Like ____' ☆
☆ S3 E3 'Faith, ____ and Trick' ☆
Unpleasant gym exercise - climbing the ___
Got out of bed
Prescribed amount of medicine
Bird of peace
☆ S5 E7 'Fool for ____' ☆
Clue4-Letter Word
Part of a skeleton
Fictional supervillian; Batman's foe
☆ S3 E6 '____ Candy' ☆
To pray with a rosary - 'Count one's ____s'
Polar, black, grizzly eg
☆ S4 E5 '____ Bad' ☆
A doe is a female one
Break up letter - ____ John
☆ S4 E4 '____, Itself' ☆
An avocado: Alligator ____
Top of a mountain
A dry measure equalling 8 quarts
☆ S1 E6 'The ____' ☆
The rate at which you run
Nicholas Cage and John Travolta's ____/Off
Verifiable truth
Clenched hand
☆ S2 E20 'Go ____' ☆
☆ S3 E9 'The ____' ☆
☆ S6 E7 'Once More, ___ Feeling' ☆

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