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Can you name the Australian/UK TV show by some of the theme song lyrics?

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LyricsTV ShowHint
I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juiceUK 1988-99
There's a bear in there, and a chair as wellAus. 1966 - current day
Making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behindUK 1973-75 & 1996-97
With a little understanding you can find the perfect blendAus. 1985 - current day
G, you need a helping hand, O you know we understand, O we'll be there right to the end, everyone needs a friendUK 1970-82
Sing a happy tune, you can see we're as happy as can beAus. 1959-99
Once in every lifetime comes a love like this, I need you, you need me, oh my darling can't you seeUK 1982-84
Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the skyAus. 1996-2011
We're coming back to you whenever there's time, time after timeUK 1978-79
He used to give me roses, I wish he could againAus. 1979-86
Best notify my next of kin, this wheel shall explodeUK 1992-2004
Love and laughter, tears of sadness and hapiness. We will find out our ____ ___ _________Aus. 1982-87
LyricsTV ShowHint
Early in the morning, when the day is dawning, he picks up all the post bags in his vanUK 1981-2010
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss youAus. 1971-89
His horse is blacker than a hole, his pot is blacker than his ketlleUK 1983-89
Have you ever, ever felt like this, have strange things happened, are you going _____ ___ _____?Aus. 1989-2000
Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler, if you think we're on the run?UK 1968-77
Hold me in your arms, don't let me go, I want to stay foreverAus. 1988 - current day
He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be thereUK 1981-92
It will take some time to find your heart and come back home, you could walk for milesAus. 2001 - current day
Driving down the busy streets, greeting people that he meets, someone could be in a jamUK 1987-91
There's always a joker, that's the rule, but fate deals the hand and I see - the joker is meAus. 2002 - current day
If you've got the blues, then I've got some news, join in the fun in your blue suede shoesUK 1980-88
Save us from that woodchip mill, if you don't do it, no-one willAus. 1993-94

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