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This country had to take the blame for WWI
A reason that causes people to leave their country
FDR's plan to help America - relief, recovery, and reform
This amendment gave women the right to vote
A citizen of one country who lives in another country
FDR asked Congress to pass a bill allowing him to add _______ justices to Supreme Court
Style of journalism that exaggerates and sensationalizes the news
This event involved a plunge in stock market prices and signaled the start of the Great Depression
This battle was seen as the turning point of WWI
The growth of cities that resulted from industrialization
This telegram contributed to the U.S. becoming involved in WWI
Vocab term for the right to vote
President during WWI
1918 law that made it illegal to criticize the government
What is the A in MAIN causes of WWI
Asian immigrants were processed at _________
President during the Progressive Era, lover of conservation
The majority of immigrants during the IR were from this continent
Movement of African Americans from the South to factories in the North during WWI
Tactic used along Western Front where soldiers dug into ground and engaged in long battles
Law that created funds for assisting retired workers and the unemployed
1917 law that set heavy fines and long prison terms for antiwar activities
This man was assassinated in 1914, starting WWI
Nightclubs that illegally sold alcohol during Prohibition
Founder of the Hull House
This amendment enacted Prohibition
Created the first monopoly - Standard Oil Trust
Country responsible for the assassination of FF
President during the Great Depression
Where workers labored for long hours with low wages and harsh conditions
Worst economic crisis in American history
Policy adopted by the U.S. at the beginning of WWI to avoid conflict in Europe
Wilson's plan for peace after WWI
Vocab term for when cultures blend
USA funded WWI by selling ______
America's economy didn't recover after the GD until _____
Central Powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and ________
A writer who exposed corruption in American society
Man who created the assembly line and offered workers a livable wage
1900 nationalist uprising in China

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