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Stage direction given by director meaning actor must move from one point on stage to another
An analog to digital converter; used in computer soundcards; converts a varying electrical signal into binary data
Code used by the Lighting Industry Forum to identify the recommended usage of various lamps; A1 lamps are those recommended for projection
The ability of a surface's ability to absorb sound
The behavior of sound in certain areas; usually depends on the size and shape of a space, as well as the presence of sound-absorbing materials
Space on stage or in a performance in which an actor can move while remaining in full view of the audience
Refers to the script that contains notes for actors or technicians; may be written by the playwright or by the premiere production staff
Refers to the methods and materials from which an actor draws his or her ability to perform; actors should be able to verbalize the tools they use in their ________
A technique in which an actor reactivates a past experience to gain emotional and psychological feelings associated with those events and then transferring them to performance
Defined by Michael Chekhov as the inherent energy within a space; actors may imagine they are in a specific location while performing in order to depict the corresponding emotions
Occurs when an actor must make a change to their physical person in order to perform a role
The ability to clearly pronounce words while acting or performing
Developing the movements of actors on stage in relation to other actors, scenery, props
The purging of emotion while performing on stage
The ability of an actor to be in character through use of dialogue, attitude, voice, costume, expressions, and mannerisms
Occurs when actors read a script for the first time
The condition or climate in which a play was written or meant to be performed
A signal that serves as an indicator of another action that is about to occur
Occurs when final conflict in a production is resolved
The choice of words that an actor uses to express himself or herself
The physical location on the stage closest to the audience
A method that allows actors to use their own memories of certain situations in which they reacted emotionally in order to understand the emotions of the character they are portrayi
A specialist in theatre who may be called upon to advise actors, directors, and producers in certain aspects of theatrical productions
Occurs when information regarding facts of the plot is provided to the audience either before or during a performance
Describes the height of an actor's head in a performance while carrying out certain actions
Who created concepts of spines in a play?
The main actions that pertain to a specific character or to the play itself, as created by Clurman
Leader of Greek chorus, his job to direct and coordinate songs and movement
In medieval times, role of director most closely related to role of ____
In this approach to directing, the director's job is to interpret the script in order to create a dramatic production that will be enjoyed by audience; maintain overall meaning whi
This is a device used to remind the audience they are watching a play; used by Brecht
Can take on many meanings, but generally thought of as everything put on stage to be shown as part of production; can also refer to manner in which performance space is utilized or
Refers to character or event that is suddenly introduced into work of fiction to help resolve some problem/dilemma; originated in Greek tragedy
Who believed acting is interpreting and conveying the subtext in relationships between characters; coined term 'relacom'
Whose method of script analysis forced interpreter to view play from the outside, as though all parts existed simultaneously
The person exerting energy; Beckerman
Goal of the impelling agent; Beckerman
Obstacles impelling agent faces in pursuit of goal; Beckerman
Point at which a dramatic shift of power will occur between the resistance and the project; Beckerman
Change or reaction to the change brought about by the crux; Beckerman
A segment is ____ if the agent is exterting force externally, a segment is ____ when the agent exerts energy internally to adjust to change
Elements that an actor can use in his/her environment to aid in creating specific characters
Process where actor learns about unique elements and dimensions that comprise character
Goal in each scene
Goal for the play
Goal for each beat
According to Aristotle, any physical, mental, or emotional activity performed by a character
According to Aristotle, any physical, mental, or emotional qualities demonstrated by an actors allowing audience to see him/her as unique individual
According to Aristotle, the theme an author is trying to convey
What three elements of drama can be combined into plot, Aristotle
According to Aristotle, the language of the play
According to Aristotle, refers to actual music as well as other auditory devices
According to Aristotle, the visual elements of a play
How many elements are there of action?
Element of action; event that sets plot in motion
Element of action; way author presents the problem
Element of action; clues planted by writer that hints at whats to come
Element of action; obstacle that could prevent character from achieving goal
Element of action; point at which central character makes crucial decision or undergoes significant event

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