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Forced Order
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One of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation was that Congress had no power to enforce ________________.
This reason for government helps maintain institutions like public schools and jails.
This document was the first that limited the power of the King of England
One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that it was difficult to ____________.
Under the Articles of Confederation, each state had its own ______________________.
What event showed the delegates that we needed a new system of government?
In this type of government, citizens elect other citizens to act as their representatives.
True or false: Under the Articles, Congress did not have the power to collect taxes
This document expanded the rights of the English people while further limiting the powers of the King.
This reason for government gives us protection from things like foreign nations and other people.
How many votes did each state have under the Articles of Confederation?
This agreement created a government that provided order and protected the rights of colonists in 1620.
This reason for government keeps us from living in a state of anarchy
Under the Articles of Confederation, there was no __________________.
In this type of government, laws and decisions are voted on directly by the people.
This reason for government provides us with services like street cleaning and garbage removal.

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