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AlbumSongFirst Line
3OH!3Sweat sweat cos I'm a poisonous pill, pop me in you mouth baby sit and distill
3OH!3He was so clean, Yeah, he was so clean, Bathed himself in bleach until he was completely soaking.
3OH!3Get your hands up, the sky falling, get your hands up, it's the apocalypse
3OH!3Tongue in cheek, till a hole burns out her mouth
3OH!3Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Colorado! What up mother f*cker!
3OH!3She can heal you with the tip of her tongue. She's been eating children like the wolves eat their young.
3OH!3I'm hot, baby, you're hot, Oh! So why not, baby, why not,
3OH!3I'm not coming to your party, girl. No, no, girl. I ain't gonna come to your party. No I ain't, girl.
3OH!3Three-Oh x12, I´m 'a hit you from the back I´m not coming to your party
WantWhen I come up in the club, I'm talking mad ****.
WantBlack dress with the tights underneath
WantI got this **** on lock I got this **** on lock
WantI'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby
WantOh God, God, she's really done it now,
WantNice legs, Daisy Dukes, Makes a man go [whistles],
WantI mean what can I say, Three babies in the backseat singin' to you,
WantOh I see ya ya photofinnish when they see them glimmerin they buy em.
WantGo ahead and burn it down I'm drunk and so is everyone else
WantI’ma hit you from the back, I’ma hit you from the.
WantAnd if i had something to say to you i'd whisper it softly, kiss you on your rosey lips and never let you off me.
WantNice legs, Daisy Dukes, Makes a man go [whistles],
Streets Of Gold-
AlbumSongFirst Line
Streets Of GoldWe can do an album, Or we can do a viral, Spread it like a STD you got back in high school,
Streets Of GoldMy first went a little like this *kiss* And twist *kiss* And twist *kiss*
Streets Of GoldHey mister Bar tender mix me a drink
Streets Of GoldWindows down Pedal to the sneakers
Streets Of GoldGirl I gotta know (know) How you dance like that (dance like that)
Streets Of GoldMonday Tuesday Wednesday PARTY
Streets Of Goldhis town, used to be a pretty place to stay.
Streets Of GoldI got a date in San Jose I got a flight that I gotta take tonight
Streets Of GoldThe sun is so hot The drinks are so cold
Streets Of GoldYou're way too young to be broken. You're way too young to fall apart.
Streets Of GoldYou can say it all And I can bite my tongue
Streets Of GoldShe stopped me in the doorway She kissed me on the lips
Streets Of GoldFlash, flash, television Give me a new religion
Hit It AgainI make her say ooh Ooh I make her say ooooooooh
Almost AliceTake me, take me Outta here, it makes me Feels so, feels so
RobotIt’s easy to say no hard feelings when you’re talking to a robot
From The VaultsFaster Than a Bullet Train She's Like Bang Bang
From The VaultsDirty mind, dirty mind, d-d-d-d-dirty mind Dirty mind, dirty mind, d-d-d-d-dirty mind
From The VaultsWho-ooh-ooh-ooh are you anyways? I can't count how many days you weren't here.

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