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What event caused the Intolerable Acts to be Passed?
This was a tax on all legal documents
The policy England had towards the colonies in regards to governing
Rousseau and John Locke both believed in this agreement between citizens and government
This person wrote the Declaration of Independence
The theory that is exemplified by England's goal with the colonies was to make money from their resources.
Because of this act, the East India Company had a monopoly on tea in the colonies
The Shot Heard Round the World
A meeting of delegates to try to reason with England and the King
Governing document that required religious acceptance in a colony
First Representative Democracy in the Colonies
First form of Direct Democracy in the colonies
Limited the Power of the King
Rule that required colonists to take in soldiers
Believed in a strong Central Government
Wanted States to have more power to protect the citizens' rights
Tax on everyday goods
Believed in separation of Powers
First example of a Constitution in the colonies
Direct Democracy in the colonies
Compromise on representation in Congress
Decided how slaves would be counted in representation
Protected the rights of the people from the government
Method to elect the President of the country
Meeting to decide how to fix the Articles of Confederation
Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
First written document of government in the US
Event that showed weaknesses of Articles
Type of government organization when states govern themselves but are united by common cause
Wrote the Constitution

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