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Height of an object above Earth's surface
Force with which the air molecules push on a surface
Most abundant gas in our atmosphere
2nd most abundant gase in our atmosphere
Most dense layer of atmopshere
Ozone layer is located in this layer
Coldest layer of atmosphere
Hottest layer of atmosphere
Meteors burn up in this layer
All the weather happens in this layer
The thickest layer
We are located in the _____ layer
The Northern Lights are located in this layer
Joe Kittinger has the record of the highest paracute jump from this layer
The ISS is located in this layer
The thermosphere is the hottest layer because the air molecules are moving so ______
______% of the suns radiation is absorbed by Earth surface?
____% of the suns radiation is reflected by the Earth's surface?
Moves energy through space in waves, heating Earth's surface
Currents that are caused by the unequal heating of the atmosphere
Near the Earth's surface air is heated by ____________
Gases in the atmosphere trap thermal energy
Increase in the global average temperature
Name a greenhouse gase
Causes holes in the Ozone layer
The most harmful greenhouse gase

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