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What was John Sullivan's original choice for the title of the show?
What is Del-boy's full name?
What was Del and Rodney's mother's name?
In what year did the show begin?
What is Rodney's middle name?
Where was Mike (the Nag's Head landlord) during the final episode?
What is Trigger's real name? (first and last name)
What was revealed to be Boycie's middle name?
What is Boycie and Marlene's son called?
What was the name of the Chinese restaurant in 'The Yellow Peril'?
Name Del-Boy's ex, who was attempting to get his life insured
What are the three locations, printed on the side of the Trotter van?
What is the name of the tower block, where the Trotters live?
What was the name of Denzil's wife?
What was Grandad's first name?
During the fifth series, David Jason had planned to leave the show to accept another offer, and Sullivan had planned final episode, until Jason changed his mind. True or false?
What was Uncle Albert's middle name?
What was the name of the final episode?
Name the episode in which Del and Rodney were dressed as Batman and Robin
How much money did Del and Rodney get in total when they became millionaires?
What was Raquel's last name?
What was the name of the episode, in which Rodney met Cassandra?
Which movie did Rodney say that Del had seen 'six bloody times'?
What was the name of Del's father?
What was Cassandra's dad called?
What were the 'crude' items that featured in the episode 'Danger UXD'?
What was the name of the woman who Del and Rodney believed was their auntie, in the episode 'The Second Time Around'?
In 'Friday the 14th', what was the escaped lunatic convicted of being?
What was the name of the feature-length movie?
Where was the Trotter flat located?
Fill in the blank: 'We've got some ___ ______ _____ ___ and loads and loads of carpet tiles'
In the theme song, what is being offered to be stuck in your pocket?
What is the correct name for the Trotter van? (the make)
Which 'Del-Boy phrase' was put in to the Oxford English dictionary in 2003?
What was the title of the 1985 special in which Del-Boy was inadvertently taken to a far off location, on the back of Denzil's truck?

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