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'I tell ya what, Harry....This job it ______!'
Laura Marsh became Ken's secretary in which series?
Rocky's bike
The text on the back of Ken's leather jacket in series 2 and 3
The studs on the back of Rocky's jacket say what?
'I just can't stop ________ _____ ___'
The man who sings the Country & Western songs for the series
'She broke the heart, of the ________ ________'
The name of the very first episode
The year that the series started
The year that the series ended
What did Harry accuse Rocky of stealing in the episode 'Walkout'?
What is Rocky's last name?
In the episode 'The Barefaced Contessa', what was Contessa to Ken?
In the opening titles of series four, what prominent shadow is show on the wall as Ken is riding past?
Name Ken and Harry's security company, which they opened in series 5.
In the episode 'In It For the Monet', what were the 'Poppies'?

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