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Why is Liesel on Himmel Street?
What are the children in Molching required to be a part of?
How do Hans and Liesel form a strong bond?
Who is upset with Hans because he isn't part of the Nazi Party?
What book is important in the novel but for two separate reasons?
Where is The Shoulder Shrug stolen from?
Who does Liesel write letters to?
What activity do Liesel and Rudy participate in on more than one occasion?
How many questions does Max ask Hans when he arrives on Himmel Street?
What does Max need from Liesel that he won't take from Rosa or Hans?
What description does Liesel 'bring' to Max?
What does Max begin doing in the basement?
Why does Liesel verbally assault the mayor's wife?
Who begins to show up when Liesel visits the Mayor's wife?
Why does Rudy ask for a kiss in the Amper River?
What number is related to Max and referenced multiple times throughout the text?
What gift from Liesel causes Max to become very ill?
What is one reason the Nazi's show up on Himmel Street?
Why are the people of Himmel Street in the Fielder's basement?
What is the difference between The Deuden Dictionary and the other books?
What causes Frau Holtzpfel to make an offer to Rosa for Liesel to read?
What food item do multiple characters give to the Jews walking through Molching?
What happens to Hans when he feeds the Jews?
What is Hans collecting?
What is Hans and Alex Steiner's punishments?
Why does Rudy get punished at Hitler Youth?
True or false. Rudy wins all 4 races.
When does Rudy finally get his kiss?
Who does Liesel find marching the streets of Molching?
What saves Liesel's life?
Who hangs himself because of the effects of the war?
One of the main themes- related to writing/reading
Why is the Amper River important in the end?
Who else is still living from Himmel Street?
What is Death's last interaction with Liesel (aside from her death)?
What 'tool' does Rudy leave with the pilot?
Why didn't Hans die?
Why is Rudy being picked for the elite Nazi program?
Why does Rosa throw water on Hans the night before he leaves?
What object best exemplifies Hans?

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