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Can you name the films from these plots in reverse?

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College student returns home and takes toys from young child.
Spy fixes car before losing poker game and is stripped of his rank.
Colony deconstruct bird, scare off circus, and pull huge leaf of food out of a river.
Masterful stick fighter forgets training and helps huge mechanical walkers back to their feet.
Man travels to studio to film his life, but quickly forgets he's being filmed.
Power of laughter abandoned in lieu of scream power
Vigilante steals from the poor and gives to the rich.
Father leaves son in Sydney and goes on long journey back home with forgetful friend.
Insane father brought back to sanity after removing axe from door.
Fourth son forced to conscript whilst his brothers are reanimated.
Billionaire entrepreneur loses 500 million friends as he forgets his web idea.
Muscle-bound robot repairs skinnier sparring partner before both return to the future.
Aeroplane crew recovery from food poisoning and wrest controls back from infatuated imbecile.
Animalistic businessman repairs bomb, fights masked hulk then retires to reclusive manor.
Young boy heals horrific injuries of local robbers then sets traps for returning family.
Old Doctor and wife travel back in time and drift apart after meeting young boy from the future.

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