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Sponges can not move from place to place, the term for this is ________
Sponges can reproduce asexually in which they grow a new sponge and it falls off to make a new sponge. This process is called _______.
Sponges obtain food by ______ feeding
If you _____ a sponge in half it will create a new sponge. This process is called regeneration.
Sponges are covered in ________, which is where water enters
Sponges usually have ______ lines of symmetry
The epithelial cells are on the ________ of the sponge
The collar cells move _______ through the sponge with their flagellums
The osculum is the ____ of the sponges and it is where water leaves
The _________ on a sponge give it support and protection
The amebocytes are in the sponges and carry _______ and ______ around the sponge
Sponges are in the phylum porifera, which mean _____ bearer

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