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QUIZ: Can you name the Physics Part 2 - EM waves?

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In the middle of the EM spectrum
2nd lowest energy
3rd Shortest Wavelength
Make water molecules vibrate to produce heat
Types of waves that don't need a medium
Shortest Wavelength
3rd Longest Wavelength
2nd Longest Wavelength
Has energy a little bit less than the color Red
Goes through most matter except for lead
Types of waves that need a medium
Used in garage door openers
2nd Lowest Frequency
Given off as heat
Used in Airplane radar systems
Used in Cell phones
Lowest Frequency
Promotes Vitamin D production
Used in airports to find bombs
A little more energy than Violet
Longest Wavelength
Highest Frequency
Highest energy
The only part of the spectrum we can see
2nd Shortest Wavelength
3rd highest energy
2nd Highest Frequency
Effect that creates higher frequency waves as an object travels toward you
4th Highest Frequency
Used in Tv remotes

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