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Can you name the Physics Part 1 - Sun, Waves, and EM spectrum?

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The distance from crest to crest is the ___________
20% of sun's rays are ____________ by clouds
5% of sun's rays are ____________ by the ground
25% of sun's rays are ____________ by clouds
Shape of waves that energy moves parallel to wave direction
The sun is repsonsible for wind power because it makes wind. It makes the ________ air rise and ______ air sink
A small section of a wave is called a wave_______
The number of waves per second is the _______ of the wave
Shape of waves that energy moves in right angle to wave direction
__________ is direct heat from the sun
The top of a wave is the________
The bottom of a wave is the ________
__________ is hot air rises and cool air sinking
50% of sun's rays are ____________ by the ground
__________ is direct heat from the ground after being heated by the sun
The sun provides you your energy to move around because it originally gave it's energy to _______, which eventually give it's energy to you
________ ________ get energy from the sun in form of very old plants and anaimals that got their energy from the sun
The distance from crest to rest is the _______
Another way to find amplitude is the measure from crest and trough and _________ __ __
The sun provides energy for ________ energy because it starts movement of the water cycles
Waves carry _______ from place to place
As frequency increases the _________ decreases
Frequency is measured in the unit _______

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