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Forced Order
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Dressed as man to fight in Am Rev
Quaker who created 'Holy Experiment'
Catholic king who created Dominion of New England
Brit commander who took NYC in Rev
Wanted 14 states in NW territory
Prussian who trained Continentals
King after Restoration
Defeated at Yorktown
Wrote Virginia Resolves 1765
Brit commander who focused in North America 1750s
Put down the Whiskey Rebellion
Led Native attacks in 1763
Founded Savanah, Georgia
Offered freedom to slaves who fought w Brits
First killed in Boston Massacre
Created 3 prong plan to deal with Brit debt
Wrote Brief Account of Destruction of Indies
Negotiated treaty with Brits over forts, trade
Wrote Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer
Passed Alien Sedition Acts
Proposed Albany Plan of Union 1754
Wrote Essay of Female Education
Founded Portsmouth, RI
Founded Providence, RI
Led uprising of farmers in Mass.
Negotiated treaty with Spain over use of Mississippi
Governor of Dominion of New England
Wrote Common Sense
Advocated for a Bank of the US
African American female poet, sided with Patriots
In US looking for support for French Rev
Led the Stono Rebellion

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