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Wrote SC Ordinance of Nullification
Mass. Senator represents northern interests
Great Compromiser from Kentucky
Won 2nd term fighting 2nd BUS
Elected under the Corrupt Bargain 1824
Wrote Virginia Resolution 1799
Wrote Marbury v. Madison
Created cotton gin
Issued a doctrine calling the western hemisphere as the US area of interest
Early leader of Dem-Rep party
Early leader of Federalists
Led an Indian Revolt in 1811-1813
Won Battle of Tippecanoe
'Tippecanoe's' running mate
Won Battle of fallen Timbers
NY leader of Jacksonian Democrats
Jackson's Sec of War - Petticoat Affair
Cherokee leader who sued the US Govt
12 Years a Slave
Led a slave revolt in 1831
Accused of planning a slave revolt in Charleston in 1821
Mexican leader who defeated the Americans at the Alamo
Texas rebel leader
President who conducted the Mexican American War
Wrote a bill in 1846 that would ban slavery in new areas
Mex-American War general elected by the Whigs

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