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Palatine Chapel, Charlemagne
Caesar Augustus at Primaporta
Early river valley civilization of India
Belief system expressed by Fan Kuan
Low relief scenes of war and hunting in citadels
Contrapposto developed, Discus Thrower
early Ziggurats, Standard of Ur, Warka Vase
Terra Cotta Warriors philosophy
Bull Leaping, matriarchal?
Pyramids, mastabas, Seated Scribe
Shiva Dancing
Belief system expressed by Lady Feng
round arches, radiating chapels
Pointed arches, flying buttresses
Highly decorative Late Gothic style
Ramses and Hatshepsut
Decorative front page of an illuminated manuscript
Veristic patricians
Kore, Kouros, smiling
early rock cut tombs in Egypt
Treasury Vault of Atreus
Laocoon group, Gallic Chieftain, seated boxer
Flotilla Scene, island life
Victory Stele of Naram Sin
Crisis of the Third Century, Caracalla
Minarets, arabesque, tessellations, Mihrab
English Gothic style
Processional frieze at Persepolis, Apadana
Weary Heracles, Peloponnesian Wars
Akhenaton and Family
Great Stupa, mudras
Native Japanese religion
St. Michael's of Hildesheim, German
Constantinople, gold backgrounds, icons
Flat wooden roof, cruciform shape

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