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Forced Order
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TranslationSongKorean (Romanisation)
'The white sky that had clouds and rain and the wind turns gray'
'Come closer, closer Play with me. What a day to look forward to'
'I don’t need anything, I just need you'
'Why are you all suffocatingly dressed up? Just a single t-shirt can make the details stand out'
'You make me exist as myself, you’re the only one in my world'
'You double tap on other girls’ pictures. Hey loser are you happy?'
'What do I do? My head is filled with things I wanna say'
'I seem like an adult but I’m really a child that’s really tall'
'Go, go, this is it for us'
'Hello? Just saying that one word is hard'
'I have a lot of guy friends. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love'
'Every morning when I open my eyes, it feels like a dream'
'Everybody knows my colour but you .You will never ever experience my colour'
'Take me and go, hurry and go. Put me on a small scooter'
'You said this was all for me. Like a lie, you coldly turned around'
'Trapped in a border – we so fly I won’t follow you like a fool'
'Yesterday, I was alone. Countless gazes. Falling tears
'I awake with the black night. Everyone come in, who’s turn is it next?'
'With your pretty red lips please hurry, kill me and go
'Sorry I couldn’t pick up earlier. I was meeting my friends, shy shy shy'
'Here, the universe that shines in the darkness. Will you please greet the unfamiliar me?'
'Of course you hate me. Cuz your spotlight is mine'
'Girls wear things that make me cough cough, see right through, see right through'
'But you spit it out, however you wanted, coldly spit it out'
'Don’t trust me too much. You don’t know me that well yet'

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