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He led the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae
In comparison of the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta, Sparta placed more emphasis on _________
Citizens in Sparta had this type of government, where a few men held the power
He was the leader of the Spartan force in the Battle of Thermopylae
Which god was the ruler of the sea?
This government is where a single ruler, usually a military leader, has illegally taken control.
An open-air bowl-shaped arena for plays
Spartan slaves were called this
Who said this 'we regard an individual who takes no interest in public affairs not as harmless but as useless' showing the importance Athenians placed on civic participation.
Which league was Sparta part of during the Peloponnesian War?
What places did Alexander the Great conquer and spread Greek culture to?
The marketplace in Athens
Citizens in ancient Athens had the right to attend the assembly, where they could meet in the open to discuss and cast votes. This is an example of ___________
The Olympic Games, the poems of Homer and the Hellenistic culture are all associated with which ancient civilization?
He brought democracy to Athens
He wrote the Odyssey and Iliad
This government is where a king and/or queen holds the power
Which league was Athens part of during the Peloponnesian War?
These were the ships of the Greek navy
What is the name of the temple to the goddess Athena at the top of the Acropolis in Athens?
He was the Persian King during Persian War
Which god was ruler of all of the Greek gods?

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