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What is Arda?
who came to the Battle Of Unnumbered Tears 'unsummoned and unlooked for'?
What was the name of the hill on which the city of Gondolin stood?
Where did Círdan the Shipwright live
What were the two gifts Eru gave to Melkor?
Who resides 'outsides the circles of the world'?
How many times did Hurin cry 'Aurë entuluva!' before he was taken alive?
Who was the herald of Manwë, who greeted Eärendil when he came to Aman?
What does the name Eä mean?
What is the group name for ALL Elves?
What is the gift of men?
What was the original name of Gurthang before it was reforged?
What does 'Turambar' mean?
What is the name of the chapter which deals with the downfall of Numenor, in the Silmarillion?
How many Female Valar Were there?

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