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'This ain't new to me, (name) creep up on a n*gga like puberty'
'Overall, who be the best overall, who be the wickedest overall?'
'Big in China, big in Japan, bigger than Bossman, bigger than Dan'
'You're not big in China, not big in Japan, not big in Niger or Pakistan'
'Go on then, go on then draw for the 'chete, bullets start droppin' like confetti'
'Think you're bad cos you got a beard, bullets wil make your face look weird'
'I'm right like a train on tracks, I'm too hot you'll melt like wax'
'All informer fi dead, I wear blue and God's Gift wears red'
'If you ain't thugged out, this ain't your thing'
'From lamp post to lamp post we run the roads'

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