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Forced Order
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Get off my back!
I will slap your face off!
He's shines for all to see
My clock screamed in my ear this morning.
Everyone loves English
It's the hardest quiz in the world.
Katie killed Kylie.
Her face gently comforted the sad children.
His eyes fell like dead weights.
As much as I like her, she is a pain in the neck.
Her bag weighed a tonne.
The soft sand, shimmered as the waves gently lapped over it.
The markets history echoed in his eyes.
His arms were graceful pistons
His answer slowly slipped across the silent cell
The quiche is calling me.
The book thudded to the ground.
My tastebuds danced with delight
He's as stupid as a brush
He is a stupid brush
The brush is stupid.

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