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Forced Order
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Name the first sighting of Jesus after the resurrection.
Name the last sighting of Christ on earth.
What day did the disciples receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?
What does Pentecost mean?
The Jews also remembered this day for something Moses received. What was it?
Because of the timing of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples, the effects of their message was _______________.
Pentecost was important because the Holy Spirit appeared as a 'tongue' of fire on _______________ rather than a tent like it did in the Wilderness.
There was no welfare system in the world at this time. This left many vunerable people. One group of vulnerable people was the _____________.
Who took on the responsibility of taking care of these vunerable groups?
_____________ Christians complained that the Palestinian Christians weren't being fair with food distribution to the vulnerable.
This group of people advised that a council be created to oversee the distribution of food to the vulnerable groups.
How many men were appointed to this council?
This man was one of the first outspoken Hellenist Christians.
Stephen was arrested and accused of preaching that this person would destroy the temple.
While Stephen was on trial he accused the Jewish leaders of the law as worshipping the temple. This is known as _____________.
The people did not like Stephen's accusations so they ____________ him.
This man was likely behind the stoning of Stephen.
Because of the excrutiating pain, stoning is a form of execution by _________.
This man began a pointed campaign against the Christians after Pentecost.
Early Christians left Jerusalem for the outlying diaspora communities. Their message was especially potent because they had the ______________ to read.
Christianity was afforded legal protection at first because it was considered a sect of ___________.
This Hellenist, also selected to the Council of Seven, did most of his teaching in Samaria
Philip also performed miracles to show the power of God. Name one of the miracles.
The Jews and Samaritans did not like each other. This was because the Samaritans got in the way of the Jews rebuilding their ________________.
The Samaritans built their own rival temple in what region?
QuestionAnswerExtra Information
Philip converted a(n) ________________ on his way to Gaza to preach.
Saul of Tarsus was a ___________ citizen.
Saul of Tarsus was born to a ____________.
Saul was on his way to what city when he was confronted by Christ in a flash of light?
How long was Saul blind for?
Saul was God's chosen disciple to which group of people?
On his first journey to Cyprus, Saul's name was changed to what?
On Paul's second trip he met a man he would later write two letters to. What was this man's name?
What happened to Paul and Silas because they cast out a demon from a slave woman?
What happened that could have allowed Paul and Silas to go free from prison?
Name one of the places Paul stopped in during his third and longest journey?
In what year did Nero become emperor of the Roman Empire?
After his third journey, Paul was arrested again in what city?
After being shipped off to Rome, the ship Paul was on crashed on what island?
From what city does Paul write a majority of his letters from?
In what year does Nero start his persecutions of Christians?
Who was Paul's last letter addressed to?
Tradition was held that Paul died in AD 68. How did he die?
How many books of the Bible are we sure Paul wrote?
What book of the Bible was credited to Paul but whose authorship has been recently debated?
By this year, Jews and Christians are known as strictly separate religions.
In AD 66 the Palestinian Jews revolt. How long did this revolt / war last?
In AD 70, the Romans ransacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the temple and surrounding synogogues. What was the name of the soldier that led the Roman troops?
This sacking of Jerusalem marks the end of the ______________ age.
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