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Forced Order
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DefinitionVocab Word
excessive pride; offensive display of superiority
firm dislike
seek to attain; eager to reach goal
a person who seeks to overturn the government
mental calmness
generous; charitable
pertaining to art or beauty
daring; bold
relieve; make more bearable
lack of interest or concern
urge; plead for
using inflated language
deliberately planned; worked out the problem
old-fashioned; obsolete
randomly chosen
explain; evidence to a cause
support; reinforce
DefinitionVocab Word
medicine to counteract a poison or disease
poverty; unfortunate event
able to express oneself clearly and effectively
thorough; inclusive
unclear or doubtful in meaning
gather; accumulate
convince; coax
following orders
wise; clever
pertaining to conversational or common speech
applaud; announce with great approval
person that is controlling another's will
bitter hostility; active hatred
harmless; peaceful
fearful anticipation of the future; dread
theoretical; not concrete
an object made by living beings or nature

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