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A fungus in symbiotic union with algae, commonly grows on rocks, tree bark, etc.
Gymnosperm reproductive structure
Seedless Vascular plant that can be used for energy
Spherical shaped bacteria
Vascular tissue that transports water and other nutrients up a plant
Observable appearance of an organism
Organisms that are the first to grow in an area
Two different alleles
A long whip-like growth that helps an organism move
Gametophyte stage produces these cells
Rod shaped bacteria
Process where energy is released from the mitochondria
Growth towards or away from a stimulus
The passing of traits from parent to offspring with genes
Plants that have tube-like structures that carry water, nutrients, etc...
Fungus sexual reproduction
Process where forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific situations tend to survive
A fungus in symbiotic union with plant roots
The Kingdom that contains a large diverse group of one-celled organisms whose cells are structurally more elaborate
Used to describe any animal-like protist
Series of events that results in the growth of a plant from a seed
Father of Genetics
Sporophyte stage produces these cells
Spiral shaped bacteria
Largest group of seedless vascular plants
Most common plant-like protist
Seeds with two cotyledons
Female part of flower
Type of plant that includes Mosses, Liverworts, Hornworts
Transfer of pollen grains to the female part of a seed plant
Genetic makeup of an organism
Father of Evolution
Process of heating food in order to slow bacteria growth in food
Fungus asexual reproduction
Process where energy is stored in a chloroplast
Two of the same allele
Vascular tissue that transports sugar down a plant
A grid used to show the genotypes of each parent and possible offspring
Male part of flower
The joining of a sperm and egg

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