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Reproductive process that produces sex cells
Organic compound that stores energy
Organic compound that supplies energy
Neutral charge in the nucleus in an atom
Organelle that breaks down food and releases energy
Positive charge in the nucleus in an atom
Takes 3 DNA bases to make this
Diffusion of water through a cell membrane
Smallest unit of an organism
Cell process that the nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei
Permanent change in a gene of a cell, beneficial or harmful
Used to prevent virus infection
Most abundant element in the human body
Joining of an egg and sperm
Most specific classification of an organism
A strand of hereditary material that can infect and multiply in a host cell
Movement of molecules from areas where there are more of them to where there are less
Least specific classification of an organism
Negative charge that is outside the nucleus of an atom
A testable explanation or prediction for a phenomenon
Necessary for chemical reactions to occur in the body
Total of all chemical reactions in an organism
Stacked, flattened membranes that sort proteins
Acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid
Organelle controls all of the activities of the cell
Structure in the nucleus that contains hereditary material
Organic compound that carries hereditary information
Used to treat bacterial infection
Small organelle which cells make their own proteins
Organic compound that builds cell structures

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