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DefinitionVocab Word
the direct opposite
next to
an array of items, a range of color
a word that sounds like another
having unlimited knowledge or awareness
a system of interconnected organisms with their environment
inversely related, a flipped fraction
absolutely needed
shortness of time
angry dispute
science of vital and social statistics;i.e. age, income, education
personal behavior; direction or management
DefinitionVocab Word
while awaiting; until a decision is made
lively, animated
of blood-red color
an action promoting rebellion
enjoying the company of others; sociable
having the same relation toward each other; common or shared
radiance; quality of glowing, shining
dividing; a portion of somthing
in, at, or to what place, point, or position
to have or use on the person, such as a piece of clothing
plural past tense of the verb be
to get, obtain, or acquire

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