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QUIZ: Can you name the Alpha Centuari Unit Abilities?

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Increase Air defence by 100%
Allows any Units to Attack other air units
Increases Success Chance of covert operations
Allows Land Units to attack when Disembarking
Units gain extra movement points
Ignores base defenses and bunkers
Air units can rebase at this Unit
No support from home base
Units can avoid detection and ignores zone of control
Bonus defende against speeders and Hovertanks
Sea Units can move underwater to avoid detection
Units can see 2 squares
Counters combat modifiers
Units can make airdrops
50% attack bonus against PSI units
Air units gain two extra fuel capacity
Terraformers clear xenofungus twice as fast
Units can only attack from two squares away
50% cargo capacity
Units gain 1 extra morale upgrade
50% defense bonus against PSI attacks
Sea units can capture other sea units
50% attack bonus towards non-native units (Atrocity)
Units acts as two police units
Doubles unit resistance against probes.
Transport units repair loaded units
Units move one less and 50%+1 if Air
Reduces enemy morale by 2 when attacking expect lifeforms
Terraformers work twice as fast on normal terraforming functions

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