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Communication Model
Communication Model
Communication Model
Communication Model
M_______ Type of communication
Who the communication is aimed at
Argument, fight, disagreement
2 parties coming to an agreement
Seeking advice. C__________
C_________. The religion, arts, language, beliefs of a country.
M________.How willing your workforce is to work.
Customer S_______.
Staff T_______. The number of staff that leave or join a business over a period of time
Any person, or group of people that have an interest in a business. S_________
Inside a business
Outside a business
A proportion of profit given to shareholders D_____
P_______ Group. Group of people of influence a business, may be for environmental reasons.
A list of things to be discussed at a meeting
A document created by you, will help you get a job. Qualifications, about you etc.
A list of things discussed at a meeting
A document sent over the phone line, scanned in.
Given to you by large supermarkets, used to store details about your shopping habits, and to store 'points'
Customer P_______. The data held about you by supermarkets.
Method of stock control, businesses buy stuff when it's needed. JIT
A meeting to discuss progress.
If your progress is being discussed, you are this.
If you are discussing somebody's progress you are this
An image or emblem that represents a company
Celebrity E________________
A phrase that represents a company
An internal method of written communication, usually to inform or remind.
A written method of communication, usually formal. Sent from one person to another.
Changing the font, alignment of a document. F________
A basic layout that can be used and adapted to save time.
My set of documents has a c__________ look and feel
PowerPoint P____________________
Old school presentation method, uses see through sheets and ink pens.
Type of software, used to produce documents such as leaflets, posters business cards etc.
Internet based communication. (Eyes and ears)
Internet based communication. (Ears)
H________. Layers within a business.
Business structure.
Business structure.
Chain of C_________
Main way of communicating over the internet.
A Typing misTake
The global network of computers
The global network of documents
Unique way of identifying each computer on a network
C&W Sure, Vodafone. You need this if you want connection to the internet at home.
The technical term for a web address.
A powerful computer used to store files needed for web pages.
The language websites are written in
Any person who owns a little bit of a business
Fast internet connection
A way of formatting a website. Acronym, 3 letters
You need to select a web ____ if you are to create your own website and put it online.
E-_______ Buying and selling things online.
Posh word for Law. L______________
A law that says everybody should be able to access websites.
Way of protecting intellectual property.
Internal Stakeholder
External Stakeholder
Oral communication
Download to phones, iPods, computers. Can have video, images, audio. P__ C___
Held every year in large business. Acronym, 3 letters.
Used to convert flat hardcopies into digtal images editable on the computer.
At the top of a word doc
At the bottom of a word doc
Handed out by business people to possible customers. Usually contains company name, telephone number, email address etc.
H_____ S______. Means the same as aving a consistent look and feel.
Sending an email to multiple recipients when you don’t want everyone to know who you have sent it to. (3 letters)
Sending an email to multiple recipients when you do want everyone to know who you have sent it to. (2 letters)

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