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The 'need' for a product or service in the market place
The amount of a product or sevice that is available
When prices rise becasue there is not enough
When prices fall becasue there is too much
When a business does not change its prices when its supplies cost more. A_____
When a business raises its prices when its supplies costs more. P___ O_
The money you pay to the bank when you borrow. I________
The central bank that sets the base rate
What you must consider when going abroad, or importing goods from abroad. E________ R___
The general term for goods leaving a country.
The general term for goods entering a country.
The name for the 'ups and downs' in the economy. B________ C______
The technical term for a downturn in the economy.
A 4 letter term for an economic upturn.
Any person who has an interest in a business. S________

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