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4 P's (£)
4 P's (Thing)
4 P's (Advertising)
4 P's (Location)
Type of ownership, 1 person, total control, all profits
Type of liability, responsible for all debts
Type of liability, only responsible for what you invest
Government department responsible for collecting tax
Tax on the value of sales, paid to the government
Tax on money earned by workers
Tax that goes towards incapcity benefit and state pensions
Tax paid only by limited companies
How a business treats its customers
When customers come back ang spend money at a business
If you apply for a job, you are this....
A document outlining what tasks a job entails...
A document outlining the type of worker a business wants...
What you fill out when applying for a job
A document created by you showing your name, interests, qualifications etc.
Increases m________ leads to a more productive workforce

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