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Sold but not touched...
Sold and touchable...
Business buy from...
A business sells to...
Where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods...
Finding out information about competitors...
Gathering market research data yourself...
Collecting market research data from other sources, e.g. internet, newspaper etc.
A type of primary market research that people fill in...
If you take a survey, you are the r_________
A small group of people put together to discuss a product...
Data collected about numbers...
Data collected about opinions...
A 'section' of the market, e.g. age, gender, race.
A diagram used to analyse the market. Usually using price and quality.
The different products a business sells.
How a brand is seen in the public eye
When you increase the worth of the products you sell, e.g. putting a design on a t-shirt.
Something about your product that is completely different to any other product
The right to sell under a business name...
If you take out a franchise, you are the...
McDonalds, Subway, KFC are all examples of....

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